Help Us Tell The Story

Help Us Tell the Story.

The modern town of Elon Moreh was established in 1980. The Torah first mentions Elon Moreh as

the place where Abraham arrived after being told by G-d to leave his father’s home and to go where

G-d will show him. It is here that Abraham is promised the land for his descendants. Abraham’s

grandson, Jacob arrives and buys a parcel of land and is also promised that his descendants will be

given the land. When the Jewish people enter the land after 40 years wandering in the desert they

come here and become a nation. Joshua builds an altar and Joseph is buried.

We the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have returned and established the town of Elon

Moreh on this very land mentioned in the Torah. We must tell the true story of our right to live and

build on this land. Thousands of visitors come to Elon Moreh to see the places mentioned in the

Torah with their own eyes and we must tell the story.