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חשון תשפ"ד

Request For Emergency Aid to Purchase Thermal Security Camera and Equipment for The Soldiers of the Elon Moreh Rapid Response Team

Dear Friends,

The town of Elon Moreh, which has about 360 families, and about 2000 residents, is located next to the city of Shechem, spreads over a huge area of 20 square kilometers and is at the top of the threat map in Israel.

The houses of the town are a few hundred meters away from the nearby village. Following the recent events of Simchat Torah, the fears of intrusion into the Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria in general and Elon Moreh in particular have risen.

To strengthen the protection of the town, one of the most relevant measures is the purchase of a new thermal camera which will view and scan the infiltration routes into the town and will enable a significant upgrade to the settlement's guarding and security system.

The special feature of this camera is that it illuminates even at night and enables photography and scanning at the level of daylight.

Equipment is also needed for the soldiers protecting Elon Moreh and the Shomron.

The cost of such a camera is $75,000 and the equipment needed costs $40,000.

We need your help in purchasing this camera so that we can continue to settle the Land of Israel in this important place where our ancestors lived. The Families of Elon Moreh greatly appreciate your support and partnership, especially during this war against our murderous enemies.

Am Yisrael Chai,

Zev Saffer

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